Mummys in business – My story 2

Mummy’s in business

I am Vicky, wife to James, mum to Archie (4), Sophie (1 and a bit!) and step-mum to Charlie (9) and Harry (7) and in my dwindling spare time  I run

sophie work

          My little helper!

Juggling running a busy business with 4 small children can be…interesting!  Although there are plenty of perks – I don’t have to be in the office for any set hours really, I can decide to take a day off if I am quiet and want to go do something with the kids and the kids can come to work with me if necessary – there are also plenty of negatives!  I don’t work set hours – therefore, I never really stop working!  There are orders to place, emails to answer, bills to pay, account to be kept, blogs to write!  All of these bits tend to be done once the kids are in bed!  I have to think long and
hard about whether I really need to take a day off of work – am I really THAT ill?  Is it really crucial to take the kids away that day?  Because of course, if I am closed one day, no-one else will do the work for me, I just have twice as much to do the next day!  And anyone who has had to ever work with their kids around will know, it’s easier said than done!!  A warehouse is never really a great place for kids, but fill it full of toys and suddenly you are shouting at someone every two minutes, telling them that no, they cannot have that box of whistles because mummy needs to sell them and no, they cannot just have one tattoo out of the pack because mummy sells them in 100’s, not in 99’s!  It is a lot of juggling to do!!


Just a small delivery!

The only way I can do it is to be organised – and this is something I REALLY need to work on!!  I try to be as organised as possible the night before for leaving the house in the morning.  For me, that means I need all my orders printed and payments checked.  My son has just started school, so I like to have his uniform out and ready for him to get himself dressed.  Then in the mornings I like a fairly military timetable of who is in the bathroom when and I find myself scoffing my breakfast so I can get on and make any lunches that need making and packing a bag full of snacks and toys for if the kids are coming in to work with me!

I also try very hard to keep all my paperwork organised!  Running a business generates A LOT of paperwork!  There are sales invoices, purchase invoices, bank statements…I have a pretty good system now for filing everything, so pretty much can find anything easily, should I need it!  I do however really need to pull my socks up when it comes to our accounts, because I always leave the VAT and tax returns to the final moment!!

Every year it is my new year’s resolution to doing my accounts more regularly…maybe when both kids are in school I might finally get around to that!!


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