Putting on a successful Christmas Grotto

Tips For Running A Successful Christmas Santa’s Grotto


Penguin Race game – a fantastic grotto toy

There are now hundreds of Christmas grotto’s on over each year all over the country and there some simple tips and tricks to make yours stand out from the crowd. One of the simplest things to do is make sure that you give a great toy as your gift from Santa. Whether you charge £20 for your Grotto or £2, giving a gift that represents value for money. At Risus Wholesale we have a large range or ready wrapped Grotto toys that will suit all budgets. All the presents come wrapped in good quality Christmas paper and labelled by age and gender. Parents will be more likely to bring their children back the following year if they are happy with the gifts and toys their kids receive.

Advertising is also a key area to get right to make sure that children come and visit your Santa. Try sending out free toys and gifts (they only have to be cheap) to some of the local schools and pta’s along with your advertising paraphernalia.

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Indoor snowball fight anyone?

Why not also try adding value to your Grotto by including other activities for the children to do along with visiting Santa. Have an arts and craft section where they can decorate their own Christmas Stockings or paint a Christmas ornament.  You can also set up games like plush snowball throwing using a painted board with holes and numbers. This is a great game to get the kids to do whilst queuing to see Santa – the child with the highest score at the end of each day gets a prize.

Decoration. Children want to see Santa in a magical setting that really has the wow factor. Use fairy lights, Christmas trees and decorations and large plush Christmas toys such as reindeers and Huskies to make your Grotto as amazing as possible. You can also use hessian sacks filled with wrapped presents to give your display some added luxury. An absolut must is a good quality tree, real or fake, whatever is your preference just make sure it looks good. A cheap looking tree will give your visitors a bad impression.


Lastly get a good Father Christmas and make sure he has a good quality suit!


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Putting on a successful Christmas Grotto
There are hundreds of Christmas Grotto's around the country every Christmas so how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Here are a few simple tips to help you put on a magical Christmas Grotto.

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