Unleash Your Inner Jedi – The Star Wars Effect

Unleash your inner Jedi – The Star Wars effect

Yes I admit it, I am very much a member of the Star Wars generation. I grew up watching the original 3 films and having 3 small boys in the family we still watch them on a regular basis. But what is it about this particular saga that has everyone hooked – the story, the characters, the nostalgia? For me it is the escape into a totally enthralling world of love, war, espionage, thrills and tragedy. I would be hard pushed to think of a better example of the struggle of good vs evil, speaking as a fan of course. I am sure that many non fans would disagree with me but……they’re wrong! I remember first hearing those now famous words “No. I am your Father” and I knew that it would have an impression on me for the rest of my life.


That love has now been passed on to my children and step children with the help of my completely obsessed husband. From very young agearchie star warss they were frequently dressing up as Darth Vader or Hans Solo and running aroundthe garden having pretend battles. Over the years we have spent hundreds of pounds on Star Wars toys from Lego Millennium Falcons to toy Lightsabers and they regularly try to raid the stock in our wholesale warehouse to see what toys they can try and pinch. The one main problem we always encountered with galactic playtime was that they always wanted to bash each other over the heads with the lightsabers and invariably it would all end in tears! Well now we have the solution – soft inflatable lightsabers that are completely harmless and no matter how much duelling goes on the children can walk away with all their limbs and digits intact.


So now the saga continues with The Force Awakens and to say the children (and us grown ups) are excited is an understatement of biblical proportions. We are planning to go and see the new film at the end of December, in fancy dress of course, for my little boys 5th birthday. It will be a fantastic Star Wars filled day and I just hope welg2acrzemaoxuz0cz9ar can stop the children from battling the evil galactic empire long enough to actually sit in their seats to watch the film. Part of me is also dreading the new film as I remember the disappointment of seeing The Phantom Menace and being very underwhelmed by the whole experience. After such a huge build up and all the publicity it just about failed to deliver in every way possible. Having said that I have every confidence that JJ Abrams as a massive fanboy will be able to deliver a fantastic continuation of the saga. Fingers crossed.

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