How To Throw A Brrrrilliant Frozen Party

Little girls and their love of all things Frozen still seems to be as strong as ever! The shops are full to the brim of new toys out for Christmas and little girls everywhere seem to still be getting dressed up as Elsa and Ana – even my daughter is obsessed and she isn’t even 2 yet!frozen party2

There have been countless Frozen themed parties held up and down the country with it still proving as popular as ever! So what makes the perfect Frozen Party?

Of course, the birthday girl HAS to be dressed as her favourite Princess…or of course Olaf if that’s preferred! These costumes can be found in every supermarket, toy shop and online retailer! A perfect Frozen cake must be brought out for the birthday girl to blow out the candles on! I have seen everything from elaborately decorated creations, with icing figures to homemade jobs with some plastic toys decoration! My favourite was at a party my son was invited to, and the girls mum made a lovely sponge filled with cream and strawberries, decorated with blue butter icing and chunks of edible ‘glass’ on the top! It looked fab!

Next, entertainment! Obviously this will depend on budget, venue, number of kids! A bouncy castle is always a winner, and I have seen a few Frozen castles popping up on Instagram! Pass the Parcel is a must – filled with lots of sweets and maybe some dare’s and a Frozen toy in the middle! What about a snowball fight?! Perfect if you are in Sweden maybe, but not so great for a party in Sussex in July…so how about some plush snowballs?! You could create a cardboard backdrop with some holes cut out and points written on and see who can get the most snowballs through or get the highest points? And of course there is the sound track to be played, on loop – I don’t think any little girl has got bored yet of singing along to Let It Go!

Pinterest can offer a plethora of ideas for Frozen themed party food! Some marshmallows could easily be decorated to look like Olaf, along with some carrot sticks to provide his nose! A bowl full of marshmallows, twiglets and raisins and the kids could build their own snowman! A blue jelly would go down a treat! As would anything covered in blue icing or frosting!frozen party

Don’t let your party bags let you down with the Frozen theme at home time! Snowflake stationery, notebooks and punch balloons, along with some Frozen bubbles, all packaged in a blue food box and your daughter will have some very happy friends!


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