Toy Review – Light & Sound Bubble Guns

On a recent warm sunny spring morning with the kids running around the garden I decide to let them try out one of our new prLight and sound bubble gunoducts – a light up bubble gun that also makes sci fi noises when you squeeze the triger. To say they loved it was an under statement! The stream of constant bubbles and consequent squeals of delight were proof that they were a hit. Luckily I had lots of spare liquid so once they had used up the first tubs it was very simple to refill them. Also the fact that it was a windy day helped as it meant the bubbles were whisked off as quite a pace and the children loved chasing after them in an effort to pop as many as possible. A great way to get kids excercising and runnign around!


The simple screw in pot design cuts down on leaks and the fact that you can see all the inner workings of the gun fascinated the children as they love to work out how things work – especially toys. The futuristic sounds and noises made by the gun also delighted the children as they started to use their imaginations more and began making up games about catching space monsters and exploring far off worlds and planets. If I ever meet the ‘Space Police’ I would totally want them to carry bubble guns!

A perfect morning was had by all and just for a few pounds, well worth the money.

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Light & Sound Bubble Guns
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